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The power of music, art and culture is boundless, universal, peaceful. Exactly with this channel Good Earth Vibes, wants to transport positive (inter)human values, build bridges, connect and strengthen people. The core team is aware of their privileges and sees it as their human responsibility to give a part of it to other people who unfortunately don't have it so easy. Let's bring Good Vibes to the Earth. Let's shape the world together.

With our Good Earth Festival, we have set the first milestone in 2023 - inspired by the success of our Ukraine Stream in spring 2022. We are happy that you are here.

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We Are

Good Earth Vibes - Electronic Music beyond borders! The musicians and artists Kriz LaFraize, Ralf Heilmann, Dominik Rinnhofer and Toby O. Rink have dedicated themselves to this mission. The new label and the charity initiative want to actively create meaningful events, actions and spaces in the future and thus contribute to a peaceful coexistence - beyond borders. Good Earth Vibes brings DJs, musicians and artists of all kinds together to make the world a better place.

Kriz LaFraize

Deep Groove, Hypnotic Sounds

Deep groove, hypnotic melodies and organic rhythms combined with electronic beats and experimental vibes - Kriz LaFraize likes to jump between different beats - from downbeat to techno, worlds and cultures.


Electronic Music & Techouse

For over 3 decades, RAGH's musical passion has been electronic music. He discreetly underpins his creative sets with distinctive, percussion-heavy samples and experimental original productions.

Toby O. Rink

Deep and Spacy, Indie, Drifting Techno

His sound is deep, spacy and moves between techno, indie or sometimes afro. He likes to combine this style with lively rhythms and elements of analog, secular or spiritual sounds.

Dominik Rinnhofer


Transforming sounds into images and supporting sounds with images to create a holistic visual and acoustic experience is the challenge that media artist Dominik Rinnhofer has been taking on again and again for over 30 years.

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Das Fest

On July 23, 2022, Kriz LaFraize played on the DJ stage at "Das Fest." Das Fest is one of the biggest open-air events in Germany and has been held annually at the Günther-Klotz-Anlage in Karlsruhe since 1985.

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Livestream for Ukraine – Charity

In March 2021 we decided to start a charity livestream. The DJs involved were Kriz LaFraize, RaGH, Toby O. Rink, Andre West and DJ Spock. All donations went 1:1 as donations to Ukraine. We were able to collect donations and funds of over 52,000 euros with this stream. Thanks in this sense again to all donors and our musical DJ friends.

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ZKM Cloud Clubbing

The ZKM Cloud Clubbing was an event of a special kind. 30 DJ played around the clock for 30 hours in the large atrium of the ZKM. The event took place in the context of the 300th anniversary of the city of Karlsruhe. The proceeds generated by the event went to refugee aid at the time. Our branding agency "Marke Mensch Natur" designed the logo for this wonderful event.

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Gigs & Impressions

In the following slider you will find some impressions of different events and festivals we supported or participated in. Many thanks therefore to all supporters and companions, who do not appear here because of the number. We love you all and thank you again and again for the common events. :-)



Questions &


What kind of performances do you prefer?

We play in bars, clubs or even alternative venues that have a feeling for good and stylish electronic music. The same goes for festivals and outdoor events. We also like to play in galleries, places where art takes place, or in unusual spaces. This in turn allows us to accompany unusual corporate events as well. Our music will always remain electronic. We also like to combine all this with light and animation as part of our illuminations.

Who provides the equipment?

Who provides the equipment?That depends on the type of event. Many venues already have equipment and a suitable sound system. We ourselves have equipment around our music, but also have the possibility to plan together with partners the appropriate sound system (PA) or deco for an event. If nothing is available, we need a detailed description of the event, the location and the possibilities, and what should be achieved with this event in general.

Can you offer an individual music and lighting concept?

Yes, it is possible. Just send us a message with your intention. The more details we know, the better we can respond. For example, size of the event? Number of planned visitors? Is there already a location? Is there a special occasion for the event? etc.

Do you have a price / cost structure?

Our prices are based on the type of event and the planned supporting program. The best thing is, you just send us a short message and describe your project in more detail. There will certainly be questions on our part. Once we have all the information together, we can give you a realistic price.

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